Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegetarian dishes: A healthy alternative

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, thats commonly said.  There is some truth in it.  Even, Ferdinand Magellan, sailed halfway round the globe in search of spices, that satisfies the taste buds, of the common , the elite and the mighty. In the selection of future wives, some men prefer women, who can cook like mom or grandma,  As a mother, and a wife, I have receieved praises and thanks, from my loved ones, for a job well done in the kitchen.  Those acts alone, complete my day that I still cherish up to this moment.  What if a man does the cooking?

Last Sunday, my daughter and I, attended a Culinary Adventure On Vegetarian Cuisine.  It was a wellness and healthy lifestyle cooking demo, conducted by Chef Ronald, a comely gentleman, in his early twenties.  His expertise, brought us to Bicol, aboard his Vegetarian Bicol Express.  Made of gluten and tokwa with coconut milk and a lot of chilies, it surely was hot and delicious.  Next he brought us to China with his Vegetarian Chow Fan.  It is simply fried rice to us with added vegetables, spices, egg and toppings of your choice.  Our next stop, was Japan.  His Tofu Steak was simply appetizing and different.  What a healthy and delicious meals!

To Chef Ronald, may your tribe increase!

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