Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegetarian dishes: A healthy alternative

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, thats commonly said.  There is some truth in it.  Even, Ferdinand Magellan, sailed halfway round the globe in search of spices, that satisfies the taste buds, of the common , the elite and the mighty. In the selection of future wives, some men prefer women, who can cook like mom or grandma,  As a mother, and a wife, I have receieved praises and thanks, from my loved ones, for a job well done in the kitchen.  Those acts alone, complete my day that I still cherish up to this moment.  What if a man does the cooking?

Last Sunday, my daughter and I, attended a Culinary Adventure On Vegetarian Cuisine.  It was a wellness and healthy lifestyle cooking demo, conducted by Chef Ronald, a comely gentleman, in his early twenties.  His expertise, brought us to Bicol, aboard his Vegetarian Bicol Express.  Made of gluten and tokwa with coconut milk and a lot of chilies, it surely was hot and delicious.  Next he brought us to China with his Vegetarian Chow Fan.  It is simply fried rice to us with added vegetables, spices, egg and toppings of your choice.  Our next stop, was Japan.  His Tofu Steak was simply appetizing and different.  What a healthy and delicious meals!

To Chef Ronald, may your tribe increase!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Till death do us part

They say that promises are made to be broken. Sad to say , that is almost true nowadays. Though some still value their words, a lot of people have broken promises. Political figures, business associates,  celebrities and even religious leaders.   Worst, we have broken families, elligitimate and juvenile children due to unfulfilled marriage vows.

When people marry, they promise to love, to cherish each other , in sickness or in health, till death do us part. Not to love, to cherish each other, in sickness or in health today, tomorrow or next year or in the years to come, if you remain a good boy or girl to me, but its till death do us part.And they seal it with their signature by signing a marriage contract, witnessed by the minister or priest and two other witnesses.

Marriage is commitment. A commitment that should not be taken for granted. How many dreams and lives were destroyed because of broken promises.If only people marry because of love, not for convenience or for other reasons, they will be spared alot of heartache. Mutual love and respect do wonders.

 Remember, strong families build strong nations.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Precious Jewel

A month after the untimely demise of her Grandpa, Shekinah was born.  She was a healthy baby girl with curly hair and bright eyes.  Being the latest addition to the family, all attentions were focused on her.  Our grieving was slightly contained, as she easily became the apple of our eyes.  After a week ,the family returned to their place, a remote area in the south.  I decided to go with them, as the mother is my younger daughter and she needed help to care for her little girl.

As I took care of Shekinah, I lost track of the days and months that followed.  Slowly, the pain of losing a loved one, was  replaced by the happiness brought about by a childs giggle and laughter.  Unknowingly, by giving a part of us unselflessly, that part is returned to us without measure.

Now, it is almost five years. Shekinah has grown into a pretty, talented, and energetic young girl.  A typical child, she is sweet but occasionally, has her fits and tantrums.  To others, she is just an ordinary child, but to us she is a jewel, a precious jewel.

Love overcomes fear

Five years ago, my husband passed away. It was so unexpected,for previous to his confinement,he showed no signs of a serious illness. Only a month after he was diagnosed of a terminal cancer, he succumbed to the disease. And I started to face my greatest fear.

Since childhood, I have this fear of being alone. I dont want to be left alone in a room, much more in the house especially during the night. My mom would see to it that I have a companion beside me when I slept ,as they will be awaken by my bawling and crying whenever I find out I was alone. As I grew older, my fears diminished a little,but I havent completely overcome it.

Eventually,I got married and my husband became my permanent companion for life,so I thought. But life is unpredictable, and after 45 years of blissful marriage, a disease took him away. I have to face life and my fears alone then. Through the years,I tried to be strong, and after five years , and with the support and love of my children and friends, I believed I have become a stronger and better person. Thats what LOVE has done to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A beautiful friendship

Honestly,I was not a lover of dogs. In fact, I was afraid of them due to a bad experience I had at an early age. One of their
kind bit me. I had to undergo 25 injections at the back. From then on,I distanced myself from every dog I met  on the street as there are many stray dogs in our place.Then I meet him.

Last year I took a vacation and stayed at a friends house for a month. They had a cute little poodle,with clear eyes and curly hair.He arrived there a week ahead of me. At first he was shy and timid. After a week, he started playing around and
amuse us of his antics. Inevitably,my friend has to work and left me and the doggie alone in the house. Murdoch (the puppys name) and me,would sit on the couch and watch tv together. Sometimes, I would cuddle him,rub his back,and tickle his tummy. Slowly, a bond was developing between us. Whenever I hug him he would lap my face. My fear of dogs slowly vanished and what remains is my love for this creature.

Surely,dogs,like humans, know how to reciprocate. If you give love abundantly, you will receive one, even more. I learned
my lesson. As the saying goes; love, like money must be spent. It must be shown to be appreciated.Thank you Murdoch!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On success and failures

In his The Champion Creed Tom Hopkins said;"I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed.And the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep trying.

Yes,to some few fortunate ones, success comes easily,but for the vast majority,success comes through sweat, hardwork,blood,guts and a lot of perseverance.I know of a friend who worked his way through college.He took odd jobs and finished it for ten years only to fail in the board exams later.After several takes he passed and face the problem of finding a job.Of course in the end, he landed a job after hurdling the pains and difficulties of finding one.

How do you measure success?Is it through wealth,fame,popularity and power?If so,why do some rich and powerful people commit suicide?Even some famous celebrities are unhappy and resort to drugs?Why?Maybe we should just be happy and contented for what we have and where we are.What do you think?Meanwhile,enjoy life and be happy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is my first blog.February is the month of love.Without love life is meaningless.Any relationship not based on this magical word is bound to fail,be it love of country,love between parents and children,husbands and wives and the most exciting,love between sweethearts.Patience is the virtue you always exercise when it comes to your loved ones failures and shortcomings.Fear is out of place when you see them threatened and in danger.Happiness and contentment reigns when a person is in love and being loved.When a person feels rejected and unloved insecurity and resentment sets in.For everyones success there is always someone or somebody where he or she draws strengh.So let love prevail.