Monday, February 21, 2011

Love overcomes fear

Five years ago, my husband passed away. It was so unexpected,for previous to his confinement,he showed no signs of a serious illness. Only a month after he was diagnosed of a terminal cancer, he succumbed to the disease. And I started to face my greatest fear.

Since childhood, I have this fear of being alone. I dont want to be left alone in a room, much more in the house especially during the night. My mom would see to it that I have a companion beside me when I slept ,as they will be awaken by my bawling and crying whenever I find out I was alone. As I grew older, my fears diminished a little,but I havent completely overcome it.

Eventually,I got married and my husband became my permanent companion for life,so I thought. But life is unpredictable, and after 45 years of blissful marriage, a disease took him away. I have to face life and my fears alone then. Through the years,I tried to be strong, and after five years , and with the support and love of my children and friends, I believed I have become a stronger and better person. Thats what LOVE has done to me.

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