Monday, February 21, 2011

A Precious Jewel

A month after the untimely demise of her Grandpa, Shekinah was born.  She was a healthy baby girl with curly hair and bright eyes.  Being the latest addition to the family, all attentions were focused on her.  Our grieving was slightly contained, as she easily became the apple of our eyes.  After a week ,the family returned to their place, a remote area in the south.  I decided to go with them, as the mother is my younger daughter and she needed help to care for her little girl.

As I took care of Shekinah, I lost track of the days and months that followed.  Slowly, the pain of losing a loved one, was  replaced by the happiness brought about by a childs giggle and laughter.  Unknowingly, by giving a part of us unselflessly, that part is returned to us without measure.

Now, it is almost five years. Shekinah has grown into a pretty, talented, and energetic young girl.  A typical child, she is sweet but occasionally, has her fits and tantrums.  To others, she is just an ordinary child, but to us she is a jewel, a precious jewel.

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