Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is my first blog.February is the month of love.Without love life is meaningless.Any relationship not based on this magical word is bound to fail,be it love of country,love between parents and children,husbands and wives and the most exciting,love between sweethearts.Patience is the virtue you always exercise when it comes to your loved ones failures and shortcomings.Fear is out of place when you see them threatened and in danger.Happiness and contentment reigns when a person is in love and being loved.When a person feels rejected and unloved insecurity and resentment sets in.For everyones success there is always someone or somebody where he or she draws strengh.So let love prevail.

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  1. For we know that love is the greatest of all. Nice topic! Hope to see more articles in the future. By the way, welcome to the world of bloggers!