Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A beautiful friendship

Honestly,I was not a lover of dogs. In fact, I was afraid of them due to a bad experience I had at an early age. One of their
kind bit me. I had to undergo 25 injections at the back. From then on,I distanced myself from every dog I met  on the street as there are many stray dogs in our place.Then I meet him.

Last year I took a vacation and stayed at a friends house for a month. They had a cute little poodle,with clear eyes and curly hair.He arrived there a week ahead of me. At first he was shy and timid. After a week, he started playing around and
amuse us of his antics. Inevitably,my friend has to work and left me and the doggie alone in the house. Murdoch (the puppys name) and me,would sit on the couch and watch tv together. Sometimes, I would cuddle him,rub his back,and tickle his tummy. Slowly, a bond was developing between us. Whenever I hug him he would lap my face. My fear of dogs slowly vanished and what remains is my love for this creature.

Surely,dogs,like humans, know how to reciprocate. If you give love abundantly, you will receive one, even more. I learned
my lesson. As the saying goes; love, like money must be spent. It must be shown to be appreciated.Thank you Murdoch!

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