Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Blessings of old age

It was a sunny day when our plane landed at Puerto Princesa domestic airport.  The plane was carrying among its passengers , 20 senior citizens from Cebu.  Palawan is famous for its subterranean underground river, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, crocodile farm, where the skin and skeleton of the 9 footer crocodile is on display.  Added to its attraction is the sprawling and famous Iwahig Prison and Penal Colony.  The group was there for a three day sightseeing tour of the place.

Old age has its advantages. Aged wine and other delicacies are prized.  Antiques are rare and demand a higher price in the market.  Archeologists spend so much money and effort  in search of  relics and artifacts of the past.  A living, strong and sturdy old tree is an indication of its strength and durability.  What more with human beings.

Yes, senior citizens should feel proud and blessed that they have reached a ripe age.  Many have gone to the grave earlier and their dreams and love went with them.  Do not let old age and depression pull you down.  Remember, you have withered the storms and trials in your life, why waste it on self pity and depression.  Go out and enjoy.  Life is beautiful !

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