Monday, March 14, 2011

On time and waste

Man, in his lifetime, will incur so much waste.  Human waste, material waste,toxic waste, energy waste, and a lot of other waste.  Added to that, wasted opportunities, broken and wasted relationships , among others.  But they say, that the worst and most costly kind of waste , is of time, for it is never gained back.  Yes, some wastes can be recycled and regained, but time squandered and lost, will not be recovered.  Even broken relationships, in its opportune time will be mended and healed. " But once a heart is torn apart, i'ts never the same again," the lyrics of a song runs like this. But Love can alter that.  Not with time !

Some people are very conscious with time. When they make appointments, they make sure that they make it on the dot, others even, make it ahead of the appointed time.  To others, sad to say, dont value time. They let time adjust to their whims and caprices, only to realize in the long run , that time is running out for them.  Time, waits for no one.  It is one commodity that can't be bought or controlled.  It controls us. You have to grab it , as it comes, to utilize and use it to the fullest.

Time, is the essence of life. Time well spent and enjoyed, makes life gratifying and heavenly, while time squandered and abused makes life miserable.

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